“Whenever & however you give birth,

Your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit

Your experience will impact
Your emotions and your mind
Your body, and your spirit

For the rest of your life.”

– Ina May Gaskin

Hello & Welcome to

Springs Midwifery & Women’s Care!

Your health care is important. You deserve someone who truly listens, and who offers evidence-based care options for you and your family. My experience as a nurse midwife and a nurse practitioner guides my holistic approach. Whether you’re seeking pregnancy care and a home birth, or an annual exam, birth control, or other woman-focused care, just call me for a free, no-obligation consultation – I’d be happy to discuss your needs and desires for your care!

– Jolene Hamann, C.N.M.

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Colorado Springs Midwife Services

Midwifery Services

“A nurse-midwife can provide care for you throughout your life, not just during pregnancy. Midwives provide care for women…”

Home Birth Services

“Birth at home can be a very empowering experience. Most women report that, compared to birth in a hospital, they have…”

Midwifery Services

“A nurse-midwife can provide care for you throughout your life, not just during pregnancy. Midwives provide care for women…”

Home Birth Services

“Birth at home can be a very empowering experience. Most women report that, compared to birth in a hospital, they have…”

General Colorado Springs Midwife Service Practices

Some information regarding our Colorado Springs midwife service and some frequently asked questions.

For pregnancy and birth services, the first step is usually to contact me to set up a free initial consultation in my office. I schedule these for 45 minutes each so we have a chance to get to chat and see if I’m a fit for your desires for your experience. We have three exam rooms at our office that I could be in – there is a sign on the door at Suite 103 that always tells you which room I’m in that day.

I welcome children at all visits – and have toys and books in each room to help them be entertained while we chat. I love to have kids involved and be able to show them how the baby is growing and have them help with checking the baby. We also have a waiting area with a library of birth and baby-related books, snacks, tea, and water if there’s a short waiting period before your appointment starts.

Early Pregnancy and Birth Care

If you choose me for your pregnancy and birth care, we then set up an initial appointment. All prenatal appointments are scheduled for one hour to give us time to review any concerns, discuss options, and check on you and your baby’s health. I draw and collect any labs that need to be done in my office. I can perform an early ultrasound to confirm dates in my office as well, and can check on baby’s position with ultrasound when needed. The 20 week anatomy screening ultrasound is more technical, so that is ordered either through one of the hospitals or through CSHP, and the report is sent back to me for review. I am also available to you by phone, email, or text throughout your pregnancy for questions, concerns or problems. I also HIGHLY recommend a investing in a comprehensive natural-birth focused childbirth class series and hiring a doula for your birth. Recommendations are available upon request.

How often will I visit with my Midwife in Colorado Springs?

Visits are set up at the same schedule as they would be in a traditional doctor’s office – starting at about 6-12 weeks at your preference, visits every four weeks until 28 weeks, then every two weeks until 36 weeks, and then at least weekly until the birth. Prenatal visits are at my office, except the 36 week visit which is done in your home. At this home visit I bring the birth pool for you to borrow if you desire it, we discuss preparing your home for the birth, and we make sure you have your birth kit ready My custom birth kit is available here: 

If I’m going into labor, how do midwives assist?  When do I call you?

Contacting me during early labor is ideal, so I can alert the birth team to be ready. I bring at least one assistant to your birth, who is usually a registered nurse, but is at least certified in CPR and neonatal resuscitation. Sometimes I will also bring a second assistant, who is mostly there as extra help and is at least CPR trained.

I bring equipment and medications to your home for the birth. I have oxygen if needed for mom or baby, intravenous supplies, antibiotics, medications to stop excessive bleeding after the birth, equipment to resuscitate the baby in the event that is needed, sterile instruments to clamp and cut the cord, sterile instruments and sutures in case stitches are needed for a laceration (but we do a lot to prevent this as well), a pulse oximeter in case we need to check mom or baby’s oxygen levels, and medications for baby after the birth in the case you desire them to be given. I do not carry any vaccines, pain medications, vacuum extractors, or forceps and am not able to perform any type of cesarean birth at home.

I will usually try to come to you during active labor. We will typically chat over text and on the phone and I can assess when it’s time for me to come. I also make sure you know to trust your gut – so if you feel like I need to be there, you just let me know.

After birth, what happen’s next?

Baby goes skin to skin with mom immediately after the birth – we can assess baby from right on mom’s chest. We then usually get you settled in bed if you weren’t there already, and get vital signs and continue assessing you both. The placenta usually delivers shortly after that. After baby feeds the first time, we have made sure mom’s bleeding is not excessive, and checked for any lacerations in the perineal area, we usually do the baby’s assessment on the bed. Once that’s complete, we get mom up to use the restroom and get cleaned up a bit, then tuck you both back into bed and go over instructions for the next 24-36 hours (hint: lots of rest, skin to skin contact with the new baby, and nursing!). We clean up any garbage and laundry, take out the garbage, start a load of laundry, and empty, clean up, and take the tub with us if you used one. Then we head out so you can enjoy your newest addition! Again, I’m available by phone or text during this time for concerns.

Do you do baby care as well?

Postpartum care looks a little different with home birth – I do baby’s care as well – including baby’s initial assessment at the birth. The first two postpartum visits are done in your home, and I assess both you and your baby. The first is at 24-36 hours after the birth, and the second is five days after. The third postpartum visit is in my office at about two weeks postpartum – also for both you and baby. After the two week visit, I usually suggest you set up a one-month well baby visit with your pediatrician or family practitioner who will continue care for baby from that point. And the last postpartum visit is in my office for mom at about six weeks postpartum (but baby is always welcome, of course!).

For women’s care services, you’re welcome to contact me by phone, text, or email to discuss your needs and pricing if needed. We can then set up your appointment at your convenience, depending on your needs.

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